Book Deals: George M. Johnson's STONEWALL Graphic Novel Acquired by Tu Books


This announcement has been a while in the making.

It’s been such a joy working with George M. Johnson. There’s a big chance you’ve seen him. He goes viral almost every day, and writes for a staggering amount of amazing outlets. Out, Ebony, BET, Teen Vogue, NBC, BuzzFeed, Them, The Root… the list goes on, and you should visit his website and get to know this wildly talented writer better.

And his first book, All Boys Aren’t Blue, is due out with FSG next year. Keep an eye out for that.

I’m just so excited to get to finally talk about his first graphic novel, which I’m pleased to say has been acquired by Tu Books.

A graphic novel for young readers about STONEWALL. Here’s the blip from Publisher’s Marketplace:

Author of the forthcoming ALL BOYS AREN'T BLUE George Johnson's STONEWALL, a nonfiction graphic novel for young readers about the history of the LGBTQ+ movement and its roots in the Stonewall Riots, illustrated by Theo Lorenz, to Stacy Whitman at Tu Books, for publication in 2022, by Eric Smith at P.S. Literary Agency for the author, and by Naomi Davis at BookEnds Literary for the illustrator (world).

Oh, I am so excited about this, and to see George writing about something he’s so fiercely passionate about (look up his pieces on Stonewall, please). And paired with such an amazing illustrator! Do check out Theo Lorenz’s website, and their astonishingly beautiful portfolio.

Congrats George, I’m so happy your voice will reach the young readers who need it.