Recent deals in my P.S. Literary agenting life, and current books out and about!

STONEWALL by George M. Johnson (Tu Books, 2022): A nonfiction graphic novel for young readers about the history of the LGBTQ+ movement and its roots in the Stonewall Riots, illustrated by Theo Lorenz (illustrator represented by Naomi Davis at BookEnds).

THE DUST ALPHABET by Rebecca Podos (Balzer + Bray, 2021): On her 17th birthday, a girl is cursed by a sheyd (a Jewish demon) as the price for a desperate bargain her mother made long ago; to break the spell, she and her brother must track down their mom's estranged family and discover a legacy they never dreamed of—one that traces back to the famous Golem of Prague.

WE COULD BE HEROES by Mike Chen (MIRA, 2021): A superhero and a supervillain meet in an anonymous therapy group, and in the wake of a disaster, find themselves teaming up, becoming friends, and relying on one another for support as they navigate their personal demons and the origins of their gifts.

TRASHLANDS by Alison Stine (MIRA, 2021): At a strip club at the end of the world, a single mother has to choose between love and survival in the region-wide junkyard that Appalachia has become after climate change floods re-draw the coasts of America, pitched as an Appalachian THE CHILDREN OF MEN.

KID INNOVATORS by Robin Stevenson (Quirk, 2021): The latest book in Quirk's illustrated Kid Legends series, which focuses on childhood stories of a diverse group of trailblazers in tech, arts, business, and science, including Alan Turing, Walt Disney, Grace Hopper, Madam C.J. Walker.

SEX WITCH by Sophie Saint Thomas (Weiser, 2020): Sex and cannabis writer and regular contributor to GQ, Playboy, and Allure’s latest book, a guide to sex magic from a practicing sex-positive witch, with spells on protection, revenge, healing, self-love, and more.

DARLING by K. Ancrum (Imprint, 2020): A post-modern retelling of Peter Pan in modern day Chicago, in which Wendy Darling follows Peter and his Lost Boys through the city's nightlife and underbelly, only to discover that Peter isn't what he seems...and the Lost Boys are in more trouble than they realize.

WHO I WAS WITH HER by Nita Tyndall (HarperTeen, Fall 2020): A closeted bisexual teen girl loses her secret girlfriend in a car accident, and finds herself mourning the loss of a person and relationship no one around her knew existed, and is completely unable to talk about it with anyone.

SURRENDER YOUR SONS by Adam Sass (Flux, 2020): A gay teen is kidnapped and taken to a conversion camp on a forgotten island, where he’ll have to team up with the other LGBTQ+ teens to uncover the camp’s dark secrets and expose them to the world, pitched as a queer Lost.

I HOPE YOU’RE LISTENING by Tom Ryan (Albert Whitman, 2020): Ten years after witnessing her best friend's kidnapping, a teen copes by anonymously launching a podcast to help solve missing persons cases, but when a new abduction is revealed to have links to the original case, she has to decide how much she's willing to reveal to discover the truth.

THE GROWER by Alison Stine (MIRA, 2020): A young marijuana farmer must free a teen mom and her daughter from an anarchist cult in a rural West Virginia ravaged by climate change, pitched as a feminist take on THE ROAD meets an Appalachian THE GIRLS.

RUINSONG by Julia Ember (FSG, 2020): Set in a world where magic is sung and a gifted teen girl is forced to use her powerful voice to maintain control over a kingdom, while her childhood best friend tries to encourage her to figuratively, and literally, use her voice to fight back, all the while the two wrestle with their feelings for each other.

FINDING BALANCE by Kati Gardner (Flux, 2020): A companion novel to the author's debut BRAVE ENOUGH, in which teen cancer survivors Jase and Mari start to fall for one another during their time at cancer camp over the summer, only for Jase, who has kept his diagnosis a secret, to completely ignore Mari when school starts up again, afraid of being revealed.

THE QUEEN OF COIN AND WHISPERS by Helen Corcoran (O'Brien, 2020): In which a young queen and her young spymaster wrestle with feelings for one another, amidst a financially crumbling kingdom, treason, and the spymaster's investigation into who murdered her father, pitched as THE WINNER'S CURSE meets GRACELING.