Hooray! Don’t Read the Comments is almost here! And to celebrate, I’ve got some really fun pre-order bonuses for readers that want to support the book early. All pre-orders (and library requests, more on that below!) will receive the following:

  • A gorgeous enamel pin!

  • A signed bookplate with pixel art!

  • A Don’t Read the Comments laptop decal (while supplies last, but I had like 500 of them).

And yes, this pre-order campaign is OPEN INTERNATIONALLY. I purposely picked small items that are easy and cheap(ish) to mail.

Pre-order Goodies:

To Send in Your Pre-order Information:

Please email the following to

  • Your name!

  • A mailing address where I can send you stuff!

  • Your proof of purchase (a screenshot, order confirmation, whatever!).

And that’s it! Items will be sent out at the end of January / early February, as I’ll be touring for the book a bit after publication.

Library Requests Count as Pre-orders!

And guess what? You can still get swag if you request that your local library order a copy of Don’t Read the Comments! Just email me a screenshot of your request, or a photo if it’s a paper form, and I’ll send you all the stuff above. Whether it’s the print book, the eBook, the audiobook, whatever… it all counts! And helps!

What About Classroom & Book Club Pre-orders?

If you’re a teacher with a class full of eager readers (please note, Don’t Read the Comments is Young Adult and meant for teens!), or have a student book club who reads YA, if you pre-order THREE COPIES, I’ll Skype in and chat with your students. They’ll all get the pre-order items as well.

And if you’re somewhere in the tri-state area (PA, NJ, NY), and I’m able to get to you (please note, I don’t drive!), I will happily meet with your students to talk about writing, publishing, etc. As long as I can get to you via a train, it should be good! Please email for availability though.