Resources + Query Tips


Oh, why hello there, querying writers.

I get it. The querying process can be unnerving. It's hard to figure out how to write that perfect query letter, and there is a lot of contrasting advice out there. Some of us like comparative titles, some agents don't care about them. Some agents want a brief bio, others don't.

Just remember... it's all subjective, and to read agency guidelines before you send your query to anyone. Everyone wants something different.

I'm lucky enough to have worked with authors who were willing to let me share their query letters here on my website. It's my hope that their query letters will help you out (and that you'll help them out by ordering their books, thank you), by letting you see an example of a query done right.

Here are some links to the query letters by some authors I've worked with, complete with details about why these pitches were so good:

I'll have more in the coming months, as novels by my authors who write memoir, literary fiction, cookbooks, and more start to get published. So check back!

Are you writing non-fiction, and fretting over your proposal? You’re in luck:

I also keep a roundup of authors and editors in the industry who work on dishing out freelance critiques and manuscript notes! It’s been updated as of August 2019.

Also, here are some other little articles I've done about writing query letters over on Publishing Crawl, that I hope you'll find helpful.

I also have a few blog posts full of advice about other things too, particularly platform and social media, that you might find helpful:

And remember, if you have questions, it's always okay to ask!

Good luck out there!