World of YA, Here I Come: A New Book Coming Out With Bloomsbury Spark in 2014

bloomsbury spark When my super agent Dawn Frederick called me last week, late in the afternoon, the day before The Geek's Guide to Dating hit bookstores, my heart started racing. Was this it? Did it happen? Was this the phone call?

It was.

I'm thrilled to announce that my first young adult novel will debut with Bloomsbury Spark in the Fall of 2014. They're a new imprint under Bloomsbury Publishing, who you might remember from this thing called Harry Potter. The imprint is so new, that their first seven books just came out this month. Popular YA blogger The Story Siren did a cover reveal of all their first titles back in November, and I seriously can't wait to be on their list.

Excuse me, crying break.


Okay, I'm back.

Though as I write this, I'm realizing some of my friends might be a bit confused. YA book? What YA book? Didn't you write a dating guide?

Well, back in May of 2012 I announced that I had signed with Dawn Frederick over at Red Sofa Literary. I remember the day quite well, as I made local artist / BFF Britt Miller hangout with me in Cosi as I signed the contract (it was a nice moment, thanks for being there Britt).

I'd spent that last year scribbling away at a YA manuscript. I'd been inspired by all the YA novels I had been reading lately, and thought I would give it a shot. I sent Dawn the finished book, and shortly after she signed me, the opportunity for the Geek Dating book came up. She started pitching publishers and I worked on the dating guide while editing the novel.

And now, here we are! Hooray!

As for the book, it's called Inked, and it's a YA fantasy story. You know, with like, castles, swords, magic... all that good stuff. Here's a blip from the sale mentioned in Publishers Marketplace (and a screenshot, cause OMG Publishers Marketplace!).

Eric Smith’s INKED, about a society where tattoos are magical, fate altering, and mandatory, and a teen’s search for his own path leads to the discovery of hidden powers, sending the corrupt government after him and those he loves –to Meredith Rich at Bloomsbury Spark, by Dawn Frederick at Red Sofa Literary.

ya publishers

I look forward to talking more about it as it gets closer, but for now, I'm just happy to share this news with all of you.

Big thank you to my awesome agent, my fantastic writing group (I heart you guys!), Nena for listening to me ramble about this book, and my friends who took the time to read the manuscript while giving me notes (especially Jennifer AdamsFrankie Diane, E.C. Myers, and Preeti Chhibber). And of course, to Bloomsbury Spark and Meredith Rich for taking a chance on me.

Time to get revising!


Oh! So that's what a contract from a literary agent looks like. Though it looks a lot less blurred in person.

Some big things happened last week, and I've basically been exploding to tell the Internet all about it. I've signed a contract with Red Sofa Literary and will be working with literary agent Dawn Frederick. You can learn more about (the wonderful) Dawn on the agency's website and via Publisher's Marketplace. You should also follow her on Twitter.

Dawn is going to be pitching out the YA fantasy novel I've been toiling away with since the Fall of last year (I spent my vacation in Puerto Rico and Montreal working on it), and really, I'm just so excited. She's got amazing ideas, and I'm already starting work on book #2 (what!) in the series.

Huge thanks to Jessica Anne, Peter Marinari, Steve Rauscher, Chris Urie, and Elizabeth Crutchley for spending the past few months workshopping this book with me. They washed down their dinner with my tears after giving me harsh criticism, and convinced me it was a story worth writing. They're done an amazing job ripping apart and improving my manuscript since we started meeting in January.

Also to Jennifer Adams for her lovely touch ups and guidance, the Quirk crew for having my back, my darling Britt Miller for keeping me company during endless nights in Cosi, Tim, Melissa, and Chris for reading the rough cuts, Frankie Mallis for weekly pep talks, and Ransom Riggs for inspiring me to give this a shot in the first place.

And of course, Dawn for believing in this book! I can't wait to work with you!

Expect lots of updates as things progress. Here we go!